Migracja baz danych

Most commercial solutions use some kind of backend database, in many cases the database management engine is based on costly and expensive in maintenance Oracle RDBMS. For some systems reaching end-of-life may also mean that data must be moved from a legacy solution to a modern platform.

In cases such as described above it is recommended to preform database migration to an open-source database, such as MySQL. Obviously MySQL is only one possible option – other database management systems like PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Cassandra can also be considered. DB selections depends on type of stored data, amount of data, data flow and usage patterns. For some applications using LDAP instead of a relational database would give the best gains.

In any case ProIDS can help your organization with data transition. We have hands-on experience with migrating legacy solutions including Oracle to Oracle and Oracle to MySQL swaps. We transferred data from large scale systems, being used commercially. Where applicable (e.g. old and new systems must operate in parallel during an extended period) we setup a dual-provisioning solution which allows transition of data over a longer time window (multiple days or weeks).

The approach which we use typically consists of following steps:

  • Data architecture assessment
  • Recommendation of target options for data-store
  • Data mapping definition
  • Migration procedure preparation, including assessment if a dual-provisioning solution is required
  • Development of data manipulation tooling (extraction, conversion, insertion)
  • Preparation of required tests
  • Verification of migration process on test system
  • Setup of dual-provisioning (if applicable)
  • Execution of migration on production system
  • Cleanup of legacy solution

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